Document Automation

Document Automation

Often companies are required to write complex reports & documents that is derived from system or database.   Generating these types of documents can be a cumbersome and labour intensive exercise.

Document automation is a great way to generate documents to achieve data accuracy, consistent look and feel and most importantly, save time and money.

Synergise Software can cater to a variety of technologies, these have been listed below.

PDF This Adobe format is the most widely used document format today.
MS Office Microsoft Word and Excel files are very common and offer the ability to generate both list and report type formats.   Excel and Word respectively.
Crystal Reports Crystal/SAP reporting is less commonly used but does allow for quite complex document automation.
MS SQL Reporting Services Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services is a great way to send automated documents with rich server side functionality.

Contact us to discuss your document requirements and to see how we can provide a solution for you.