IT Services by Synergise Software

Database Administration - We provide database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server based installations.
We can identify and fix performance issues as well as ensure data integrity of your Databases. [read more]

Project Management - This is the most important aspect, to IT, managing budget and risks. Two critical things to ensure project success. [read more]

Software Development - We provide a wide range of software development services, including; .Net software development, Windows forms applications, Mobile applications, Web services & Database design and programming. [read more]

Systems Integration - We can help allow your systems talk to each other. [read more]

Web Design - We offer personal design services, a designer will work with you to create the web presence you require. [read more]

Web Development - We offer content development, RSS, content management systems. [read more]

Web Hosting - We can offer you dedicated services to shared hosting to suit your budget. [read more]

Specialist Technologies - Over the years we've delivered solutions that span quite a few technologies. [read more]